Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why our church is growing?

Cedar Hill has grown consistently over the last 9 years at a rate of about 10% per year.  We have seen the congregation grow from around 30 to about 130.

1. There are many people both here at Cedar Hill and around the world that are regularly praying for Cedar Hill.

2. Cedar Hill takes a solid, unapologetic stand upon the Word of God.  All of our services are centered around teaching and preaching the Word of God.

3. Cedar Hill has sought to strike a balance between being traditional and conservative in our worship without being ‘dead’ and complacent.

4. The ‘old guard’ of membership at Cedar Hill has an uncharacteristic desire to see newer members become involved and take roles of leadership.  There is no power struggle between varying senior members and newer or younger members.

5. The Pastor preaches the Word of God with enthusiasm. 

6. Cedar Hill excels at communication both internally and with those interested in the ministry.  The Pastor and board at Cedar Hill share all information with the congregation.  There is never a feeling among the congregation that they do not know what is going on.  The Church uses technology and social media effectively.  The website is thorough and kept up to date.  Facebook and Twitter are used to share the goings on of the church ministry.  Email is used to communicate with the church on an almost daily basis to keep everyone abreast of events and prayer requests.

7. Cedar Hill ministers to who God has sent our way and plans for those we do not have yet.  We have many people involved in the children’s church ministry because we have many children come during the church hour.  We have many people involved in the nursing home Bible studies because God has given us opportunities every week to work at our area nursing homes.  We don’t have many teenagers yet, but we have plans in place when we do.

8. Cedar Hill supports our missionaries.  Approximately 25% of our budget each year goes directly to foreign missions.  Cedar Hill does not participate in a ‘faith promise’ program.  We budget missions.  We send our missionaries prayer letters just like we expect them to send us.  We send our special prayer requests to our missionaries just like they send them to us.  Many members of our church email our missionaries regularly.  We have many members that receive missionary letters individually.  We have a Ladies Missionary Fellowship that prays for and communicates with out Missionaries.  We have a Missions committee so we are able to better keep track of their needs.  Our church KNOWS our missionaries and it is has made a huge difference.

9. Our nursery and nursery workers.  Many families that visit Cedar Hill will make their first stop and will get their first impression from our nursery.  Cedar Hill is growing because people find our nursery to be clean and well equipped with the latest in safety devices.  Our staff is prepared and readily asks the pertinent questions of each child.  People feel secure leaving their child in our nursery. 

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