Friday, April 5, 2013

A Christ - centered Church!

To build a vibrant church it is essential that the local Church is Christ-centered.  Here are some quick points:
1. Mankind exists to bring Glory to Jesus Christ and the Godhead.  Therefore the Church’s full focus and goal is to glorify the Almighty.  Every service, activity, program, board meeting, Sunday school class, bus route, etc must be focused on Glorifying Him.
2. To Glorify Christ the Church must Teach about Him, must Worship Him, mustTell Others about Him, and we must Talk about Him.
3. A Christ-centered Church will find ways to tell the Lost about Him.  All events become evangelistic opportunities.
4. A Christ-centered Church is a Church that will stand unwavering upon His Word!
5. A Christ-centered Church will spend time Talking to Him in Prayer!
6. A Christ-centered Church will understand that we desire a Relationship and not just a Religion.
- Pastor Wes Gunther

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