Monday, December 3, 2012

A Prosperity Gospel - sermon outline 12/2/2012

Too many preachers today are insinuating a materialistic prosperity when one follows God.  Genesis 39 tells us three times that God 'prospered' Joseph.  Joseph begins this chapter by being sold into slavery and ends this chapter by being thrown into prison (unjustly).  How exactly did Joseph prosper?

God had a perfect plan for Joseph's life.  Joseph was content to let God continue to work His perfect will.  Joseph was well received by all of his peers (whether in prison or in the palace). Joseph was content without being complacent - he excelled at all of his work.  Prosperity had nothing to do with money or position.  We find that in all that Joseph did - God was given the Glory!  

A Prosperity Gospel
Genesis 39

I.       Joseph “prospered” by God
          A. In Slavery (verses 2, 3)
          B. In Prison (verse 23)
          C. Only mentioned in these verses

II.      How did Joseph Prosper?
          A. Respected by peers
          B. Responsibility given
          C. God’s Plan Uninterrupted
          D. God was Glorified!

III.     What did Joseph do?
          A. Proper attitude
          B. Non-complacent, yet content
          C. Complete Faith in God! 

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