Thursday, November 29, 2012

What is Grace?

Grace is sometimes hard to define.  We also use the word 'Grace' very broadly today. Here is a great illustration that showcases Grace as defined in the Word of God:

A son is murdered by another young man.  The Father of the victim hunts down the murderer and kills him.  This is VENGEANCE.

A son is murdered by a young man so the Father hunts down the murderer and brings in the authorities to have the murderer arrested, tried in a court of law, convicted of the crime and sentenced to death.  This is JUSTICE.

This same Father then petitions the court to spare the life of the murderer.  This is MERCY.

BUT - What if this same Father, whose son was murdered, not only petitions the court to have Mercy, but also convinces the judge to release the murderer into his custody, where the Father takes him to his house, adopts him, and loves him as his own son.  This is GRACE.

**We are sinners.  God did not pour out vengeance and though we did deserve justice God granted us not only mercy (sparing us Hell) but offered us Grace (eternity with Him)!

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