Tuesday, July 3, 2012

God Judges a Nation when ...

According to Scripture, God judges a nation when that Nation:

1) Forgets God
2) Replaces God
3) Embraces Sin
4) Believe they are Self-sufficient

The Nation of Israel faced judgment in the Old Testament when they forgot what God had done for them and how God had protected them.  They then set up idol worship and established the 'high places' of worship to false gods.  They delved into immorality, witchcraft, and all forms of sin.  Finally, they put their faith in their military, in their king, or in their own wealth.

America may have God chiseled into its marble buildings and monuments, but God has been forgotten in the hearts of the people.  America has replaced God with its materialism, embraced sin as acceptable and puts its faith in Wall Street and the US Military while ignoring God and trying to remove Him from all possible discussion.

America is facing Judgment!

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